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Built by real people

Not another faceless tech company...

GrazeCart is built by a small ambitious team, who care about your success!

Interested in joining the ranks?

  • Blaine Hitzfield
    Blaine Hitzfield
  • Brooks Hitzfield
    Brooks Hitzfield
  • Pat Kane
    Pat Kane
    Engineering Director
  • Elliot Flamion
    Elliot Flamion
    Client Success Lead
  • Chad Graue
    Chad Graue
    Digital Marketing Ambassador
  • Brock Hitzfield
    Brock Hitzfield
    Creative Designer

Our manifesto, (who we are)

I'm Brooks, a co-founder at GrazeCart and I'm NOT going to tell you why to choose us.

Normally this is where I would tell you how amazing our features are (they're here) and show you silly awards. But I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to tell you who we are and why we do what we do.

You already know we make software for farmers & meat providers. So let's get into the who we are.

You can consider this our company manifesto or cultural values document.

Note: The inspiring bits are at the end, so keep reading.

We are NOT...

  • ...a big stiff corporate tech company
  • ...a company who only cares about growth and money
  • ...'salesy'
  • ...clueless of how your business works
  • ...scared of getting our hands dirty
  • ...believers in contracts or any legal-locking lingo

We ARE...

  • ...a small lean business
  • ...caring of your success
  • ...believers that ideas get bigger when they're shared
  • ...bootstrapped and proud of it
  • ...using GrazeCart daily at
  • ...people who know the difference between a T-Bone and a Porterhouse

That's the overview. But I want to go deeper into what this means.

We're small

We're a small team... There's no VP of sales, Chief Revenue Officer, or Study Group Director. What you see has been done by a handful of hard-working talented people.

This means that with every dollar spent with GrazeCart, you're getting far more software than you'd get from a typical tech company. We can make decisions faster, move faster, learn faster and we are insanely intentional about what we spend our time on.

We actually care

We all know what it's like to buy a product that doesn't do what we thought (or were told) it was suppose to do. Few things are more frustrating! That's why we only want to work with people we can actually help a lot! This means we care enough to say no to a sale when it's not the right fit.

It gives us more energy to focus on helping a community of customers become widely successful, vs growing fast & serving tens-of-thousands of customers we barely know.

We believe shared ideas grow

We don't believe in preparatory knowledge, or trade secrets. Our success is largely a result of key mentors who've selflessly shared their wisdom for our benefit, and we aspire to do the same for others!

We have an abundance mindset and believe there are amazing opportunities for everyone. The limiting factor is usually our ability to learn and take action.

We're bootstrapped

The typical route for a tech company is to: write as few lines of code as possible, and then market & sell if for as much as possible, to as many people as possible! This keeps investors happy, & helps founders jump-ship with 8-figure exits...

Yeah sure, this might work, but we believe it has significant consequences, especially for the customer. That's why we're doing things different. We're bootstrapped, and we're proud of it!

This means: we get to go the extra mile, and build solutions that work, and work well! We all know what it's like to buy a product that doesn't do what we thought (or were told) it was suppose do.

We use GrazeCart

We're selling online just like you, and using GrazeCart to do it more effectively! Check us out at

This means we know how the slightest UI differences make for a stress-free shopping experience for your customers... Aaand we also know how to not create an administrative nightmare on the backend! Because we wouldn't put up with it, and neither should you!

We know the difference...

Yes, this is why we know the difference between T-Bone and a Porterhouse. We know what it's like to use a product that feels like it was built by someone who doesn't understand how our business works. It's not fun!

That's why we're highly focused on serving ONLY perishable food providers. That's what we know, and we know it well!

We are different

As you can probably tell by now, GrazeCart is a different kind of tech company. We care about being a great place to work, building community with our customers, and creating solutions to complex problems not yet solved.

We are hungry to learn, and to share what we learn! That's why we started a podcast, and have hundreds of businesses tour our farm every year.

We're more than just a software company, we're on a mission to bring integrity back to our food system.

Our Big Vision

It's because of these beliefs & values that set out to achieve our vision of helping 1,000 food providers sell 20,000,000 pounds of product by the year 2023.

We believe that by working together, we can have a bigger impact on the things we care about most.

Sticking together makes more sense and I invite you to join us and our other business owners and leaders to build a community around getting more done with less effort!

- Brooks, Blaine & the GrazeCart Team