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Three Keys to Perishable Shipping

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April 7, 2021

Customer needs and expectations change over time. If you adapt to these needs, your business wins! If you don't, your business loses!

Today, we want to help you adapt to a consumer expectation none of us can afford to ignore...

The expectation of home delivery!

This has been one of the most significant buying trends of the past decade. Our customers have proven again and again that they prioritize convenience.

But the problem is that delivery logistics aren't an easy business to be in, and things only get more complicated (and expensive). when dealing with perishables.

When we first started shipping our products, we had no clue what we were doing, and it was so costly that we almost gave up.

"Nobody will be willing to pay this much for shipping!" we would say.

Well, I'm glad we stuck with it because today, 75% of our overall revenue is generated from our home-delivery customers.

And in this episode, we are going to share the three most important lessons we've learned during our 4-year journey of transforming into a farm delivery business.  

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Each lesson has been forged out of shipping over 70K boxes and helping dozens of other farms launch their own delivery enterprise. 

They're practical, easy to follow, and just plain WORK no matter what scale you're at.

Also, the fact that shipping isn't a walk-in-the-park actually works to your advantage because the competition is less likely to innovate the more challenging the problem is.

So that's an opportunity for those of us who are persistent!


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