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New Feature: Login for Price

June 3, 2020

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools, especially for regional farms and food producers. 

Our consumers choose us because they're actively looking for a deeper connection to their food and those who provide it. Meaning, our industry is in a unique position where our customers actually want to hear from us. 

If you're still on the fence about email marketing, here's the impact our farm (Seven Sons) has seen from email marketing vs. other channels, like social...

Whether you're new to email marketing or you've been working on it for years, we all face a common challenge: how to grow your email list.

We’ve tried a LOT of different strategies over the years. Some have worked well, others, not so much.

However, nothing has worked as well as the new feature we’ve just launched to GrazeCart!

It’s truly an email generating machine, and to discover it's power, you'll want to check out the video below:

How it works:This feature allows your customers to browse your store freely. Once their interest is peaked by what you have to offer, they can sign up to see your pricing. This creates less of a barrier between you and your customers from the very beginning, which gives them the time they need to establish trust and interest before handing out their email. How to implement it in your GrazeCart site:Go to: Settings > Store > Require Account to View Product Prices > select option from the dropdown boxWant to delve deeper into email marketing? Check out these resources:Getting started with MailChimp: started with Drip: some strategies from our Farm Marketing Makeover: your marketing with Drip's Ecommerce 101 Playbook: more about some related GrazeCart features:Connecting your MailChimp accountPricing groups (Wholesale pricing)Order fees (Delivery fees)Adding delivery zones (Shipping)

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