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How to Raise Prices and Retain Your Customers

October 6, 2021

Given the current economic climate, there's a LOT of chatter out there regarding inflation. Already the costs of most inputs have been on a steady rise... To account for this new cost of doing business, most of us are preparing for price corrections of our own.

However, if you have a close relationship with your customers, you may be wondering what's the best way to roll this out with the least amount of push-back?

That's why Blaine and I decided to break down the exact formula we used to announce major price increases at Seven Sons. Believe it or not, when executed properly, a price increase can actually build trust with your customers, vs deteriorate it. It's all about timing, and communication

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Making significant adjustments to your business due to economic factors out of your control isn't fun. But if you don't adapt, it'll only lead to paper-thin margins and burnout.

That's all for now! Remember to drop us a question in the comments if you have a specific question about today's episode!

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